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about Urban Ireland

Do the simple things well.

Our objective is simple, to ensure your community is at its very best, at all times.

We believe that ensuring your community is at its very best begins with doing the simplest of things well.

So when we say we’ll get something done by Tuesday, we mean we’ll get it done by Tuesday. We won’t make promises we can’t keep. So while we may occasionally not be able to tell you what you want to hear, when we commit to something, you can be sure that we will deliver.

Because doing the simple things well, is where being the best we can be' begins.

Happy residents make a happy community.

It’s good to talk, or more specifically it’s good to communicate.

That’s why as part of our standard property management service we provide a resident communications program.

In conjunction with community representatives we generate, publish and distribute community newsletters throughout the year.

This to help ensure residents are aware of the work carried out within their community.

Because we believe that that informed residents are happier residents, and happier residents are more likely to be management fee compliant.

Our children deserve a safe place to play.

As community residents and parents, ourselves, we are conscious of the potential need for speed calming measures within residential areas.

We have generated a ‘speed calming assessment program’ that together with the community directors, we can implement within your community in potential problem areas.

This result, a document that can be presented to your local council (or residents at your AGM) that highlights key areas that may require speed claiming measures and makes a data-based argument for implementation of speed calming measures.

Because we believe our communities should be safe places for our children to play.


about Urban Ireland