Your community electric-vehicle-ready
in just 4 weeks.

At last residents of apartment and townhouses can make the switch to electric or plug-in hybrid cars, thanks to U-Charge from Urban Ireland. We created U-Charge, specifically to meet the needs of people who live in multi-unit developments. Once installed, any resident can open a U-Charge account and be charging their Electric vehicle or PHEV within 24 hours.

Our 22kw U-Charge Unit can charge 2 cars simultaneously, but don’t worry, because as demand in your community grows, we’ll simply install additional charging points.

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A car charging network created exclusively
for private residential development.

At Urban Ireland Property Management, we work hard to bring improvements to the communities we manage. That’s why we created U-Charge. An electric vehicle charging network created exclusively to meet the needs of residential developments. Supported by EVbox, one of Europe’s largest EV charging network provider we can offer our clients a full-service electric vehicle charging solution. A full service that begins with surveying the residents of your community, right through to account administration, and even a 24 hours a day 365 a year 2 tier support service.

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We survey, we install, we manage,
we administer, we support...
we do everything from start to finish.

Sit back, relax and leave it all up to us, because we take care of absolutely everything from start fo finish. We begin by taking you (the OMC directors) through a simple presentation, allowing you to identify the package that you feel meets your specific community needs.

Then we survey your community to understand current and future needs. This allows us to provide OMC directors with an installation proposal for immediate and future ev charging needs.

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Enjoy 2 tier customer support 24 hours
a day 365 days of the year.

The EvBox hardware we use in our U-Charge network is probably the single best and most reliable unit available today. that said, even in the unlikely event of there being any issue what so ever we have a 2 tier customer support service in place to ensure any issue arising is dealt with and resolved immediately.

Tier 1 – provides over-the-phone support for users allowing our technicians can remotely activate or deactivate charging sessions, unlock locked cables and address any issue that the user may have in real time, 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Tier 2 – in the unlikely event that our tier 1 support can’t resolve an issue, our teir 2 support means we will have a Evbox technician on site within 24 hours to resolve any issue or replace any part required. This to ensure your U-Chrge unit is always operational and servicing the residents of your community.