Are all managing agents rubbish?

In a world where products and service continue to evolve and improve to better serve the needs of the end user, some feel property management is standing still, or even resisting change. What do you think?

How to increase service charge compliance
and homeowner satisfaction.

When appointed, we review the financial status of the incoming community. We analyse the levels of service charge compliance and arrears in the context of the wider status of all aspects of the community. We then create a specific Service Charge Compliance Programme unique to that community that identifies targets and goals to be reached each year, over the next 3 years.

Video Newsletters.
Keeping Residents effortlessly informed.

When surveyed, one of the main reasons homeowners say they don’t pay service charges on time is… they don’t understand where their money goes.

This is why we create Community Video Newsletters. Without exception, our Community Video newsletters increase awareness and support among homeowners and also help them understand the importance of paying their service charge on time, more of the time.

Video Directors Reports
Optimising your time invested.

Our Video Directors’ Reports present directors with effortless and immediate clarity on important aspects of running their community. This is intended to free directors from time consuming administration allowing them to focus on decision making and driving improvements within the community.

Creating a 3 year plan for your community.
Management with a purpose.

We don’t just take on the management of your community. We work closely with community directors to put in place a plan of improvements. Together we map each year of the next 3 years, identifying goals, setting targets, and ensuring we have the resources and means in place to make it happen. Once defined, we make sure all homeowners are aware of the same plan and why their support and service charge compliance is important in ensuring we reach our goals and bring all the improvements our community deserves.

So what do Directors and Residents
say about the service we provide?

We believe your community deserves the best possible property management service. We work hard to make sure that this is exactly what we provide.

Play the video and you'll see a selection of recent feedback from our clients. We can provide you with more detailed video testimonials upon request.

Information made easy with
video content.

We also create video content to ensure information is shared with ease. Whether it’s a case history, a review of affordable home security CCTV, or how to access SEAI grants, Video content makes it much easier to share with community members.

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